Antarctica is one of the coldest places on the earth. It’s a land of Ice and Water. Antarctica is very famous for its Penguins, Wildlife nature, Sun activities, Beaches,Lake, Peaks, Glaciers, Landscape, and High Mountains. There are seventeen different types of penguins are found in Antarctica which are very attractive. Antarctica is home of different species of seals, whales, seabirds. They have fur seals, humpback, minke whales, crabeater seals, tuxedoed penguin and many more.

This place is best for an adventurous tour. People do there trekking across glaciers,hiking around daunting cliffs, scuba dives, have a walk-in trip around Icy bays in Zodiacs and many other joyful activities. Antarctica is good options for those who love solo trips and have a passion for capturing the beauty of nature because this place gives peace in mind and access inside through the nature created sites. Let’s go on the trip to Antarctica and forget selves in the stunning environment of Antarctica.