The place with a cold environment. Perfect place for hiking & climbing Mount Fuji as their temperature is cool and manageable. Enjoy the glittering waves and sunbathing near the golden beaches. There is no restriction at the beach area in Japan.
Okinawa, Yukushima, the Izu Peninsula and Ogasawara Islands are one the best place for scuba diving in Japan. The very famous Sumida River in Tokyo, Miyajima Island, Torii gate, Toya Onse in Hokkaido that is a stunning place for firework display which happens in summer.
Every country has its traditional festival and Japan is home to the festival. They celebrate the Tanabata Matsuri, where festivities include traditional decorations, dances, and entertainments. There is one of the very famous Kyoto’s Gion Matsuri celebrated for the whole month of July, including a massive parade and plenty of festivities, and Tokushima on Shikoku Island celebrates the Awa Odori Matsuri famous as the largest dance festival in Japan. There is an amazing vending machine you can enjoy that. And a very important part of every place is their food, Japan has Summer foods & insane Ice creams. These foods are available during the month of June and July. There is also a Beer garden & Nomihodia, all you can drink and visit and also gather new taste.
Japan also celebrate the Music Festival in which many traditional folks and other likable music are sung by Artist and Musicians.